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Sportivate Initiative

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Due to take place at the new Westward Gym in Crediton, Mid-Devon in 2017 and run in conjunction with Active Dcvon and Sport England, Sportivate is a £56 million Lottery funded initiative, that gives young people the chance to discover a sport that they love.

As part of the initiative, Polearity Pole Dance & Alternative Fitness Studio are offering a six week course of subsidised Pole Fitness Lessons to young people aged 16-25 from Crediton and the surrounding areas.

Over the course of six weeks, participants will gain an introduction to the basic climbs, grips, spins, seats, transitions, floor-work & poses that form the foundations of Pole Dance Fitness.

We will begin to condition your body and to build the strength and fitness levels needed to progress onto move advance pole moves and combinations.

We will also cover basic choreography, learning how to connect the moves learned in class to music.

Class numbers are limited to just 12 places, to ensure we can spend time developing each student, at a pace that suits the individual.

Pole fitness provides an all over body work-out, toning and building strength as well as improving cardio-vascular health, flexibility and co-ordination. It can also help with weight loss goals and builds confidence and self esteem.

You will become part of a positive and supportive community where you will never need to worry about being judged and there will be plenty of encouragement along the way!

Join our Facebook group here: if you are curious but still unsure, you can come along a try a class for free!


Book onto a free taster session today!

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