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XPERT (NX) Key Features:
Bottom Loading - no ladders required.
Revolutionary NEW X-Joint system - easy to use, quick to install.
Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom - no transition between tubes or bearing protrusion to hit.
Static and Spinning options.
Micro Articulating Base - easy to set up on uneven floors.
Double Width Support Dome - for maximum stability.
Available in 40mm, 45mm and 50mm tube sizes.
Extendable from 2235mm (7\' 4\") to 2745 (9\') from the box.
Includes Carry Cases - 2 pcs (as shown in the photos)



Please confirm desired pole width at checkout. (40mm or 45mm)

Please also confirm the floor to ceiling measurement of the room where you would like to install the pole so we can double check that the pole will fit!

X-Pole XPert-Chrome

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