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Owner/Instructor-Laura Robinson

I have always and will always dance.


For me dancing is freedom, release, empowerment. It's how I ground myself when things get tough, my happy place, the place I go to find my inner strength.


As a child I took tap, modern and ballet classes, but quickly got bored of the structure and regime and began making up my own routines in a friends garage to my favorite pop songs! The nineties, took my dancing to the club and festival circuit and so began my life long passion for house music! I then began bellydancing in 2008 covering classical Egyptian and Middle Eastern styles along with Caberet, ATS (Amercian Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion and then, in 2011, I discovered Pole Dancing!


From my very first lesson with Spin City in Exeter I was hooked! I loved the combination of strength and grace involved and the challenges I was continually faced with. Pole quickly became a way of life and has enabled me to make so many positive life changes. I am fitter and stronger than ever before, more confident as a person and I have also made some lifelong friends through sharing a pole.


Though my initial approach to Pole was as a fitness regime, I have come to love the freedom and flow of freestyle, combining Pole moves with other forms of dance & the challenge of dancing in my 8 inch heels! Staying true to my roots, I also love to podium dance at festival and club events alongside both well  known & local DJ's.


I qualified as a beginner Pole Fitness Instructor in 2016 with the PDC approved School, Spin City and began my teaching career at Spin City Exeter before opening Polearity at the end of 2016.

Polearity Pole, Dance & Alternative Fitness Studio is a labor of love, a platform on which I hope to share my passion for pole dance and alternative fitness, a catalyst for powering positive change. Pole has changed my life for the better,  in so many ways, mind, body and soul. It is a constant source of motivation & personal empowerment and I can't wait to share it all with you!

See you on the pole!

Laura  - December 2017

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