These classes provide a good introduction to the basic climb, grips, spins, seats, transitions,

floor-work & poses that form the foundations of Pole dance. You will begin to condition your

body and to build the strength and fitness levels needed in order to progress onto move advanced

pole moves and combinations. Classes also cover basic choreography skills, as you learn how to

connect the moves you learn in class to music.

Vibe: Friendly, fun, supportive

What to wear: Pole shorts, tee shirt.

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot

Beginners Pole -1


This class will build on the moves and techniques mastered in Beginners -1 and introduces

basic inverted moves, along with more complex variations of climbing, grips, spins, seats &

poses. We will continue to explore floor-work, transitions and choreography.

Vibe: Friendly, fun, supportive

What to wear: Pole shorts, tee shirt.

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot

Beginners Pole +1


Beginners Pole +1

In this class we begin to build on the basic inverts covered in Beginners +1 and also introduce

a variety of different leg grips and climbing styles. We continue to explore more advance

spins, seats, poses, transitions and floor-work, as well as how to effectively combine them to

create free-flowing choreography.

Vibe: Friendly, supportive, challenging. Work at your own pace.

What to wear: Pole shorts, vest or crop top/sports bra.

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot.

Pick 'n' Mixed (Pole-Mixed  Ability)


This is THE class to take if you wish to:

- Build confidence that is permanent .

- If you want to gain all the empowering benefits of Pole Dance but without having to do the

body lifting/fitness aspect of it.

- Meet and dance alongside like minded women.

This class contains NO spins, sits, climbs or aerial tricks, one foot will remain on the floor

throughout. So this class is accessible to everyone!

Vibe: Respectful Yoga Vibe. Go deep within the dance and let go. Reconnect with your divine

feminine power & discover your authentic sensual self.

What to wear:Whatever makes you feel good! Knee pads highly recommended

Barefoot or Heels: Heels

Serpent Power


This class uses a combination of Cardio, body weight, weighted, resistance, core strength,

conditioning and dynamic stretching exercises all aimed at improving performance both on

& off the pole!
The class allows time for an instructor demonstration of
technique, warm up,  circuits and 

active flexibility with an extended stretch and cool down.

Vibe: Hardcore!

What to wear: Pole shorts & vest/crop top. Bring water and a towel - you will

get hot!

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot

Chrome Condition (Pole HIIT)


Practice sessions are supervised by a fully qualified and insured instructor but ARE

NOT taught lessons.

Make sure you come prepared with a good idea of what moves you would like to work

on to really get the most out of the session:

  • Practice routines or choreography

  • Practice moves you have learned in class

Vibe: Relaxed, Friendly, Fun

What to wear: Whatever you feel comfortable in.

Barefoot or Heels: Your choice!

Pole Practice

£FREE Fri  6:00pm

Not sure if Pole Fitness is for you? Interested but still unsure? Then book onto our no obligation free taster session, bring a friend and a sense of humour. If nothing else I guarantee it will be lots of fun!


Vibe: Relaxed, Friendly, Fun

What to wear: Whatever you feel comfortable in.

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot.

Free Pole Taster


Strut, shake & shimmy your way through a glamorous workout and enter the world of tease!

Learn fun routines to an eclectic mix of burlesque  &  contemporary classics.

Boas, fans, chairs & even poles are used in a variety of routines designed to build core strength and improve flexibility as well as providing a moderate cardio workout.


Vibe: Sassy, friendly & fun


What to wear: Gym/comfortable clothes or whatever makes you feel good! Please bring water

& a hat if you have one.

Barefoot or Heels: Suitable indoor trainers or pumps

Burlex Fitness


Jenny Janover's Sensual movement method. Learn how to make your every move appear "Liquid" as we slink, glide and flow across the floor. Gain a deeper understandng of your body and where movement initiates within it. This is a "thinking" class as well as a movement method!


Vibe: Low Flow, Floorwork, friendly freestyle.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes, leggings, long sleeves & socks.

Barefoot or Heels: Barefoot/socks.

Liquid Motion