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About Polearity

Polearity is an all new, custom built  Pole, Dance & Fitness Studio based at the new Westward Barbell Gym in Crediton, Mid Devon.


The studio has four 45mm and two 40mm Chrome X-Pole, competition poles 3780mm high.

Our team of friendly and professional instructors are certified to teach Beginners and Intermediate Pole Fitness and trained with Spin City, the UK's leading Pole Fitness school. They also hold the Spin City Anatomy and Physiology foundations certificate and are PDC approved level 3 instructors, fully insured and first aid trained.

We offer a range of beginners and intermediate pole fitness classes, spinning pole, floor-work and flow, pole circuit training and supervised practice sessions, with more to be added to the timetable in the near future.

Vision/Reality   Empowered/Powerless   Active/Passive   Flexible/Inflexible   Push/Pull

Nearly every move we learn as pole dancers contains the polarities of "push" and "pull". Polarities are interdependent values that support each other. Being able to identify them, accepting the constant shift from one pole to the other, understanding the gap between two polar concepts and feeling the tension created by the push and pull of each, allows us to create the energy necessary to manage polarities. We learn to navigate the ambiguity, hold competing thoughts simultaneously and understand both the positive and negative qualities of our all our actions.

Polearity - Powering Positive Change

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