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Polarity (Polearity)

Noun: pol(e)arity

The property of having poles or being polar

The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.

Polearity Pole Dance and Alternative Fitness provide a varied timetable of pole dance, aerial, personal training and fitness based classes and workshops. Working across two locations in Crediton, mid-Devon, we offer larger group classes from the studio at Westward Barbell and private 1-2-1 tuition, personal training, Sports massage  and smaller, bespoke classes from our new, boutique Studio, at The Old Post office.

Our classes are fun, friendly and inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of size, shape, sex, age*or level of strength and agility! We understand the challenges that starting pole dance & a new fitness regime can present, both physically and psychologically and work hard to create a relaxed and supportive learning environment. We limit our class sizes to no more than twelve spaces, allowing us time to work with each individual student, so you can progress at a pace that suits you.

Whatever your goals, our fully qualified and insured instructors are on hand at every stage of the journey to help make sure you achieve them.

If you prefer to keep both feet on the floor, why not strut, shake and shimmy your way through a Bellydance or Burlex Fitness class? Exeter Sports Massage 

Polearity is about much more than just keeping fit, its community, self-empowerment, diversity and finding the confidence to be yourself. Book a class today and join the Polearity family.

Polearity, Powering positive change.



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